About Me

Welcome to My Portfolio

I'm Justin Crutchfield, an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer. I have a passion in research, learning and creating creative meaningful learning content.

My Journey

I truly love the art in creating learning content that produces results. My career journey started off with mentoring teenagers and then made a transition to adults. Throughout my time in educating teenagers, I have helped youth develop their soft skills and prepare them for post-secondary success. To keep learners engaged I used technology and multimedia to produce engaging content. I have come to see the power in helping others grow and become successful. My time in education has developed into designing eLearning content that puts the learner in the center of it all. Now I design and develop creative learning experiences in the form of courses, videos, job aids and infographics.

My Interests

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my son and going on outdoor excursions. With being creative at heart I have always enjoyed creating something. From cinematography, tap dance, poetry and acting, I've come to look at different ways to engage people and inspire them to see things differently through art. I take the same approach when it comes to instructional design and eLearning. Creating eLearning content is an art that puts the learner first. When you understand the mindset of the learner then you will better understand the best approach for the lesson.